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We have the services you or your company need.



All of our services are completely confidential. We can design a course of action for your specific needs. Each person is different, each business is different and each problem has to be approached in a new and creative way. Greene Shield Protection provides peace of mind and stability for our clients.

  • Executive Protection
  • School Safety
  • Employee/Associate Screening
  • Employee Termination
  • Work Zone Safety
  • Construction Site Safety & Security

Travel Safe Escort - Greene Shield Protection offers individuals, groups, public figures or corporate executives with the extra level of protection their positions require when traveling; our officers are experienced, well-trained and ready to deliver the necessary level of safety, security and comfort.

Witness Safety - If you have clients that require additional safety for various periods of time, transportation to and from court proceedings for testimony then contact Greene Shield Protection to provide your witnesses the Safety and Security they need.   



Greene Shield Protection can provide round the clock protection for you, your loved ones, VIPs and Executives. We assure our clients that every security issue is assessed allowing you the peace of mind to focus on your business.  We will provide service that ensures your safety and security without unexpected interruptions. 

Greene Shield Protection provides a full range of security solutions for our clientele.

  • Asset Protection
  • Personal Protection
  • Loss Prevention
  • Corporate Intelligence
  • Event Security
  • Physical Security
  • Threat Management
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Crisis Management

Minimizing risk is essential for today’s family and business environments.


“There are many licensed private detectives, but few if any have over two decades of investigative experience that Thomas Greene has.  His investigations have included murder, rape, armed robbery, organized crime, drug trafficking and other major crimes”. 

When your security needs require an investigative approach, Greene Shield Protection has the personnel, technology and experience to get the job done, discreetly and professionally.

  • Witness Statements
  • Undercover Operations
  • Asset Searches
  • Criminal Defense Investigations
  • Civil Investigations
  • Domestic Relations
  • Surveillance
  • Missing Persons
  • Person Locates
  • Skip Tracing
  • Cold Case Murders
  • Background Investigations
  • Criminal Record Search
  • Workers Comp/ Disability Claims
  • Insurance Claims Investigations